Windscreen Repairs

A small chip in your windscreen can quickly spread causing more costly damage if left un-repaired. Many motorists wrongly assume that fixing a crack or chip in their windscreen means replacing the entire piece of glass. In reality most chips and cracks can be repaired.

Your windscreen plays a vital role in safety, accounting for up to 30% of your vehicle’s structural strength. Damage can lower the strength of the windscreen and can possibly reduce the effectiveness of passenger airbags, which rely on the support of the windscreen to deploy correctly.


And of course, a chipped or cracked windscreen may cause your vehicle to fail its MoT.

Emergency Windscreen Repairs

At Clearview Windscreens, we can repair a chip in your screen in most cases, about 20-30 mins.
Windscreen Repairs Redditch
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Laminated Windscreen Repair Guide

  1. Shows a chip in a front windscreen before the repair begins.
  2. A tiny pilot hole is drilled into the centre of the chip, this allows the free flowing of the repair resin to fill in the damaged area of glass.
  3. An injector is placed over the chip and a mirror is placed inside the windscreen for the technician to monitor progress of the repair. A special resin is then injected and allowed to fill the damaged area under pressure.
  4. When the injection process is completed, the pilot hole is filled and the resin is then set using an ultraviolet lamp.
  5. The finished repair after being levelled and polished, this is now 20% stronger than the original glass, and has taken about 20 minutes to complete.
After curing, the repair will give the following:
  • The windscreen repair will restore the strength to the damaged glass. BS AU251:1994 is the relevant British standard for measuring the performance of windscreen repair equipment.
  • The repair will show a significant Cosmetic improvement. Repairs restore the optical or cosmetic appearance. The size of the blemish left is a result of the severity of the initial damage.
  • The windscreen repair will give durability. Repairs are permanent and the vehicle can be washed or driven immediately after repair.
  • Heated windscreens can be repaired in exactly the same manner as ordinary windscreens.
  • Tinted windscreens or tinted top band areas can be repaired in the same manner as plain windscreens. The "colour" is in the PVB interlayer not the glass. The glass picks up the colour from the interlayer, the repair resin will do exactly the same.
Windscreen Repairs Redditch
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