Windscreen Replacement

Why replace a glass instead of repairing it?

Not all damage can be repaired successfully, some examples would be that a laminated windscreen chip could be larger than a 10p coin or that it has cracked completely from the impact point.

Deep scratches from faulty wiper blades or ice scrapers would also be impossible to rectify.

Toughened glass such as doorglasses and backlites which shatter completely on impact would obviously need to be replaced, but also heated rear screens that have lines not working or broken electrical contacts should in most cases be considered to be unrepairable.

Clearview Windscreens offer a complete automotive glass replacement service - we don't only replace windscreens, we also supply and fit doorglasses, quarterlites and heated rear screens as well.

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Bonded Glass Windscreen Replacement

Virtually every modern vehicle on the road today has bonded glass fitted to it. So, what is actually involved in replacing a broken window, and why is it so important to take the correct steps in installation?

Well, Bonded Glass or Direct Glazing as it is also known, is in simple terms, when the glass is glued to the body of the vehicle using a polyurethane sealant, which, when set, holds the glass in place.

This process is important structurally to the vehicle itself and extreme care must be taken by the technician to follow the replacement guidelines below.

A simple guide to Bonded Glass

  1. The area around the windscreen is protected so that nothing can be damaged during the replacement process.
  2. Any trims and windscreen wipers are removed.
  3. The sealant holding the windscreen in place is cut to allow its removal.
  4. The old sealant is removed from the windscreen aperture to allow a sound base for the new installation.
  5. The new windscreen should be thoroughly degreased on its inside edge.
  6. Primers are applied to the glass and bodywork to allow for full adhesion of the sealant.
  7. The polyurethane sealant is applied to the windscreen.
  8. The windscreen is installed then any trim and windscreen wipers are refitted.
  9. Installation is complete and the vehicle should in most cases, be left for approximately 1 hour before being driven, although a drive away time will be given to you by our technician on site.
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